Cary Restore Has An Open Position

August 5, 2014

Would you like to join the ReStore team and help make a difference? The Cary ReStore has a part-time position of Back Room Associate. The Cary ReStore is located at 181 High House Road  in beautiful Cary, NC. We are looking for someone who is energetic, enjoys working with and helping others, and wants to be a part of a great team! If this sounds like you... read on:

Back Room Associate Job Description:

Under the general supervision of the Cary Store Manager, the Back Room Associate will primarily focus on receiving and processing donations in the back room.The Associate will be expected to leverage available volunteers to accomplish daily tasks in an efficient manner.  In addition, the Associate will be responsible for store projects that will be assigned to her/him as needed within the store and must provide good customer service to donors in the back, customers on the sales floor, and to regular volunteers.

Responsibilities within the Cary ReStore:

  • Coordinate the flow of donated materials to the store sales floor
  • Evaluate condition/price of incoming merchandise, including furniture, cabinets, and lawn equipment
  • Maintain proper merchandise placement throughout the store
  • Provide additional supervision for volunteers
  • Assist customers with purchasing merchandise
  • Assist customers with loading out purchases
  • Maintain clean, neat, and organized workspaces
  • Keep store free from safety hazards
  • Work closely with the Store Manager and Assistant Manager to determine individual projects that may be necessary for store improvements (these can include activities such as building new display equipment)

Preferred knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • A strong belief in the organization’s mission, goals and accomplishments
  • Clean driving record
  • Experience working in a retail environment (sales, receiving, or management)
  • Ability and experience working with and delegating tasks to volunteers
  • Strong knowledge of trades (plumbing, electrical, mechanical)
  • General knowledge of the ReUse industry
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both internally and externally
  • Excellent customer service etiquette and attitude
  • Ability to have grace and humor under pressure
  • Energized in an atmosphere that fosters sharing new ideas and initiatives

Machines, equipment and specialized tools appropriate to function include:

  • Power tools, hand tools, ladders
  • Price guns
  • Pallet jacks and other material handling equipment
  • PC running Windows 7 and printer/scanner

Supervisory controls:

The Back Room Associate will report directly to the Cary Store manager.


Responsibilities involve a variety of tasks that may or may not be related. Therefore, strong organizational skills will be required.  The ability to independently prioritize tasks in a fast-paced and dynamic environment is essential, as is the ability to manage volunteers and keep them engaged with those tasks.

Physical demands:

Ability to lift over 50 lbs.

Work environment:

The Cary ReStore is an 8,000 sq ft retail suite within a shopping center.  6,500 sq ft of selling space.

Minimum education and experience requirements:

Candidate must have a college degree or equivalent four years of experience working in customer service, retail, reuse and/or construction.

If interested, please send resume and cover letter Alex Cooley, Cary ReStore manager at: