A Tribute To Honor "our Three Winners."

March 5, 2015


Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, in partnership with the Islamic Association of Raleigh and OurThreeWinners.org, is honoring the lives of Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha by building the Our Three Winners House this spring. All three victims of the February 10, 2015 shooting in Chapel Hill had been supporters of Habitat Wake’s Interfaith Build since its inception in 2011. In addition, as part of Habitat for Humanity’s Global Tithe program, Habitat Wake will pledge to support the construction of a house in partnership with Habitat Jordan, Abu-Salha’s native country.

The financial goal for the Our Three Winners House is $77,000, which includes $65,000 for the sponsorship of the home in Wake County and $12,000 to support the construction of a home in Aqraba, Jordan, a village in northern Jordan near the border with Syria. Construction will begin on the Wake County house, which will be in southeast Raleigh’s Crosstowne neighborhood, in May. Volunteers from the community will be needed to help build the home.
When shopping at any of our four ReStores, you can “Round Up at the Register.” From March 1 through May 31 all funds raised will go toward the building of the two homes dedicated to “Our Three Winners.”
HOW IT WORKS: With every transaction at the ReStore, you can “Round Up” to the next dollar, five dollars or even 10 dollars. This tax deductible donation will appear on your receipt. Every cent matters, and the change collected will help provide the opportunity of homeownership to a hardworking family.

OTHER WAYS TO HELP: You can make a financial tax deductible donation online by visiting:
www.habitatwake.kintera.org/ourthreewinners or volunteer on the building of this home in
Maybrook Crossing. Visit: www.ourthreewinners.habitatwake.volunteerhub.com and follow the sign up directions.

“This build honors the lives of Deah, Yusor, and Razan, and exemplifies the love that the community has for them,” said Sana Ansari, a friend of all three and a contributor to OurThreeWinners.org, the website established to help keep their memory alive. “This partnership will bring together people of different faiths and backgrounds, and celebrate the dedication of Our Three Winners to serving humanity.”