Upcycling Is The New Upgrade

March 27, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I love to Google ideas. If I need something that might cost more than I can afford to pay—say, for instance, a large outdoor planter which typically might run more than a hundred bucks new in a gardening shop—I Google its image under “repurposed” or “upcycled.” Here’s what I found recently Googling “repurposed outdoor planters”

repurposed planterCute, huh?

DIY Network Ideas

DIY Network’s website, too,offers easy and creative ideas on upcycling (a repurposed word, in itself): Click Here   repurposed planter ideas

Habitat ReStores—Your One-Stop Upcycle Shop

Anyone can make this stuff. You just need to know where to go to get a good deal on home improvement materials. Both the Raleigh and Cary Habitat ReStores offer a wide selection of paint types and colors, tiles, mirrors, glass, tools, tape, and all kinds of household items you can repurpose to give your home or garden a fresh look—indoors and out. From ladders, drawers, cans, and planters to sinks and bathtubs—even toilets.We often have plants and shrubbery, too.

New Chandelier for Less

Planters aside, a walk through Habitat’s Wake ReStores will inevitably present their own unique and thrifty ideas. How about spray painting on old outdated lighting fixture or ceiling fan? It’s much easier than you think. And you certainly can’t beat the price—a $1 or $2 can of spray paint vs. a new $200 chandelier.

brass lantern from the Wake ReStoreYou can even take the electrical components out of the light fixtures you’ll find at Wake Habitat ReStores and upcycle them to use as hanging lanterns from jars or other bottles, kitchen utensils—just about anything. Check out these ideas on Pinterest (...make sure to scroll down to see the plastic spoon chandelier):

Seriously? Who thinks up these things?

You do, that’s who. Let Wake Habitat ReStores upcycle a corner of your world. Stop by this weekend and get inspired.